14 apr. 2019

Songs That Skip a Beat

Songs That Skip a Beat

Personally I don't knew much about creating music I find the process and music history fascinating. In the video below David Bennett explains how some songs skips a beat. He shows int visually in the songs sheet music

13 apr. 2019

Three Kingdoms of China

Chinese history is not very well known in the west. And since China have a lot of history, spanning back thousands of years it is a lot to take in.

A great place to start is OverSimplified's version of the history of the Three Kingdoms.

Kings and Generals also have film about the same period

...and Extra History cover the same period

A famous battle: Battle of Red Cliffs, that took place has been made into two movies. The historical accuracy of the movie was not important when making it. But they are very entertaining.

Crash Course now starting with European History

I have previously written a post about Crash Course. Now John Green is starting a series of european history. It's starts from the Middle Ages

For you who wants a more about european history I recommend the lectures: The Foundations of Western Civilization.

11 apr. 2019

Then the winged hussars arrived - Battle of Vienna 1683

I wrote a post about Extra History in 2017. The people behind Extra History has now 268 films that are 10 minutes long. After each series they make an explanatory part where they explain what they missed or if there are alternative explanations.

Now they have started with the Battle of Vienna in 1683.

Winged riders will participate in the sale. Here immortalized by the Swedish metal band Sabaton

A movie about the battle was made in 2012: Day of the Siege

Learn different programming languages ​​and web development with these free services

Today, programming and web development is very hot. But it is also a lot to learn. One way to learn and practice is with various interactive online services. Some of I have tested are as follows

Sololearn: Learn or repeat in quizform languages ​​HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C #, C ++, Python, Swift, Ruby, JQuery and SQL. Can be done with the mobile

Codecademy: A bit more informative than Sololearn but difficult to use with the mobile. Some parts cost. Language: HTML & CSS, Python, JavaScript, Java, SQL, Bash / Shell, Ruby, C ++

Freecodecamp: Fully focused on Front-end of web development. Languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The big advantage is that everything is free and will continue to be free.

Please write a comment about tips on similar services

Send large files quickly and easily with Filemail

Sometimes you need to send large files. I have used Sprend before, but now I have found Filemail.

Send files without filling in any email
  • 50 GB Max size
  • Files available for 7 days 
  • Unlimited downloads 
  • Shipment tracking 
  • HTTPS - Secure Transfer

10 apr. 2019

First image of a black hole

First image of a black hole

The photographed black hole has a mass of 6.5 billion times the sun's mass. And it is one of the heaviest black holes available. It is an absolute monster, the heavyweight master of black holes.

Link BBC

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