Apr 11, 2019

Learn different programming languages ​​and web development with these free services

Today, programming and web development is very hot. But it is also a lot to learn. One way to learn and practice is with various interactive online services. Some of I have tested are as follows

Sololearn: Learn or repeat in quizform languages ​​HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C #, C ++, Python, Swift, Ruby, JQuery and SQL. Can be done with the mobile

Codecademy: A bit more informative than Sololearn but difficult to use with the mobile. Some parts cost. Language: HTML & CSS, Python, JavaScript, Java, SQL, Bash / Shell, Ruby, C ++

Freecodecamp: Fully focused on Front-end of web development. Languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The big advantage is that everything is free and will continue to be free.

Please write a comment about tips on similar services
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