May 20, 2019

We Are Going back to the moon ... and beyond

Apr 14, 2019

Songs That Skip a Beat

Songs That Skip a Beat

Personally I don't knew much about creating music I find the process and music history fascinating. In the video below David Bennett explains how some songs skips a beat. He shows int visually in the songs sheet music

Apr 13, 2019

Three Kingdoms of China

Chinese history is not very well known in the west. And since China have a lot of history, spanning back thousands of years it is a lot to take in.

A great place to start is OverSimplified's version of the history of the Three Kingdoms.

Kings and Generals also have film about the same period

...and Extra History cover the same period

A famous battle: Battle of Red Cliffs, that took place has been made into two movies. The historical accuracy of the movie was not important when making it. But they are very entertaining.

Apr 12, 2019

Crash Course now starting with European History

I have previously written a post about Crash Course. Now John Green is starting a series of european history. It's starts from the Middle Ages

For you who wants a more about european history I recommend the lectures: The Foundations of Western Civilization.

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