Oct 14, 2019

PowerCert Animated Videos - Animated information technology videos

There is a lot of Youtube channels explaining information technology. Bur none does a better job at this than PowerCert Animated Videos

As an example watch the video about HTTPS and SSL

Aug 24, 2019

The Mechanical Universe... And Beyond. Early 80's physics visualization documentary / lecture that still holds

When I was a kid this series was shown on swedish television on "utbildningsradion " = education radio. It was television even it was  radio. It had a swedish speaker voice then. Later I found out that it came från Caltech. It's a 52 part series and each part is about 30 minutes long. It explains basics physics from historical context but also explains physics formulas with the help of animations. It was produced in the beginning of the 80's but still holds. And since 2016 Caltech has the complete series on their Youtube channel.

More info info about the show on wikipedia

Aug 23, 2019

What's is a day? Simulation with explanation to explain exactly what a day is

Minutelabs.io is site that's makes interactive simulation of scientific question. Even a simple question as "What's is a day" has a complicated answer. The situation explains it in steps so you can understand it gradually.      

The simulation "What's is a day"

Aug 18, 2019

Siege of Buda 1541 and Eger 1552

The Castle of Eger was one of the last stands of the Hungary after the Turkish invaded and pushing northward. In 1552 the Ottoman Army has reached Eger and the siege was begun. Hungarian forces was no more than 2,100-2,300 people, a mixture of professional soldiers, peasants and a few dozen women defended the castle against 60 000- 70 000  seize of Ottoman Army. The defenders led by István Dobó repelled the attacks and defended the castle.

Differential equations used to battle HIV / AIDS

1996, Ho’s research team published results that changed the way science looked at HIV/AIDS. These revelations pointed to treatment with anti-retroviral therapy, the “drug cocktail” that would tip the balance against the disease, extending and improving countless lives.

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