29 dec. 2019

Facts of the origin and development of a word

Words, words, words. You use them everyday and hopefully you understand what they mean, but do you know the history of the words, or where they come from?
Thankfully there is Etymonline

Here som exemples



Edward Jenner the man that started a revolution: vaccination

It started with a milk maiden...

25 dec. 2019

Wars of Roses 1455-1487 - English Civil Wars documentary from Kings and Generals

One of the best history channels on YouTube is Kings and Generals. Usually their videos are 15 - 20 minutes long but for the complicated story of the Wars of Roses they have made an extra long video documentary (53 min).

6 dec. 2019

The Science Asylum - A Youtube channel about physics in percitular and science in general

What if you could explain physics concise, fast, informative, visually, funny and perhaps a litte crazy. If one person have done it it would be Nick Lucid from the Youtube channel The Science Asylum.

The first video I found was this were Nick explains: Based on the laws of electrodynamics, energy cannot flow in the same direction as the electric current. According to the Poynting vector, electric power will flow anywhere there is both an electric field and a magnetic field.

Even if you have not studied physics on a higher level you can appreciate the strange way this works. There are five years of 5-10 min video waiting for you to binge watch, and remember it is ok to be a little crazy.

14 okt. 2019

PowerCert Animated Videos - Animated information technology videos

There is a lot of Youtube channels explaining information technology. Bur none does a better job at this than PowerCert Animated Videos

As an example watch the video about HTTPS and SSL

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