2 apr. 2020

Lying With Statistics - Statistics can be telling a lie with the truth

Statistics can be telling a lie with the truth. In the video below Zach Star gives example of som of the ways you can use statistics to lie, mislead or deceive.

26 mars 2020

Informations- och medieteknik på Pauliskolan Malmö

Om ni inte redan visste det så undervisar jag på Teknikprogrammet på Informations- och medieteknik på Pauliskolan i Malmö. Filmen ovan ger smakprov på vad man får lära sig i inriktningskurserna: Programmering 1 och 2, Webbutvekling 1 och Dator- och nätverksteknik.

6 mars 2020

Sites with maps and statistics about the Coronavirus COVID-19

With the spreading of the Coronavirus it can be difficult to keep updated with the latest news with out having to relay on different media coverage. Here is three sources that helps you informed.

Worldometers has clear information that gets updated regularly.

The Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University has created an interactive, web dashboard that shows the status of COVID-19 around the world.

And if you absolutely must find out every reported case you can use theviruswatch

Do you know any other site that visualize the Coronavirus COVID-19? Please leave a comment.

Our World in Data has one of the most comprehensive web site with data and diagrams. For example how does the fatality rates comparess with seasonal fly and COVID-19

29 dec. 2019

Facts of the origin and development of a word

Words, words, words. You use them everyday and hopefully you understand what they mean, but do you know the history of the words, or where they come from?
Thankfully there is Etymonline

Here som exemples



Edward Jenner the man that started a revolution: vaccination

It started with a milk maiden...
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