Interactive maps of world history

Perhaps the most interesting is the below free interactive website that is under development. It shows Europe, Asia and Africa's history between 3000 BC. to 1000 e. It tries to show large parts of the earth but still in detail but with the opportunity to animate how the map is redone over time.

Unfortunately, the next website has an interface from the 1990s that unfortunately pulls down the quality. However, if you start to click around you will find very detailed timelines, maps and factual texts.

I usually avoid recommending programs that I have not tested, but this seems very good. For 79 dollars you get in very great detail to see how and why Europe's map is redrawn from the year 1000 to today. You can download and test how Europe's map changed around the Napoleonic wars

Perhaps the web service that looks least impressive for the beginning. But once you start to bring the cursor over different countries, informative and detailed texts will come about what happened during different periods in Europe's history.

If you know of similar websites or programs, please comment below.